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Newcastle Wood Fired Ovens
introduce a revolutionary new oven -

Innovation Patent No 2011100425
The world's first automatic wood fired oven!

The first wood fired oven in history to come with a 'chef' built in! Well not really a chef but an oven that automatically revolves and rotates around the floor of the oven, evenly spreading the radiant heat of the fire and giving perfect results every time.


To enjoy, just light a fire, turn on the carousel and place food into the oven. A carousel oven saves you the wage of a pizza turner. Sit back & watch it work - it's really entertaining! And it cooks to perfection anything you care to cook.


This video shows you how easy it is to assemble our R1, R2 & R3 models

   For centuries wood fired ovens have been used in many European countries.  
   Their popularity comes from the simplicity of operation and the unique flavour
   this method of cooking imparts to the food being served.

   Roberto's Wood Fired Ovens are a great addition to your lifestyle, bringing together
   modern design & technology to an age old concept to give you healthy, delicious food.

Now with patented carousel 30%More Oven Space
Than Other Wood Fired Ovens, Choice of Color
& Easy Assembly

"You'll Be Cooking The Same Day"

Our ovens offer:

  • Mortar Free Construction
    (15 pieces engineered to interlock into each other to form the oven)
  • Australian Design, Manufacturing & Warranty
  • Inbuilt thermal insulation makes our oven safe to be near, even after hours of use

DIY kits from $1390 ex-factory at Newcastle

   Thanks for looking at our ovens. If you like what you see and would like further
    information,please call Newcastle Wood Fire Ovens on 02 4962 3288 or 0428 274 257.